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Meet the Board: Curie Sevilla, APR, PRSA SF Mentorship Director

We're bringing back our series ‘Meet the Board Mondays,' (adjusted for the Presidents' Day holiday this week) that helps you get to know your 2020 Board of Directors. In this edition, we bring you PRSA-SF Bay Area Director of Mentorship, Curie Sevilla, APR. In her day job, she's a business development & communications strategist for Stanford Conferences.

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I’m Curie Sevilla, and I’m the business development and communications strategist for Stanford Conferences, the team overseeing conferences at Stanford University. Prior to Stanford, I led a marketing services firm in Asia with clients in financial services, consumer retail, government affairs, and non-profit. I have worked in higher education in the last ten years,  and I absolutely love it!  My unique role is a hybrid of my professional background in strategic communications and marketing, and my passion for event management. Working with a diverse and exceptional team of meeting professionals in a stimulating academic setting at one of the world’s most renowned universities is icing on the cake --- it helps me appreciate my long daily commute into the Stanford campus. 



What’s the reason you joined and serve PRSA?

PRSA’s Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) program was a life changer for me. I was fortunate to be mentored by PRSA colleagues such as Michelle Horaney, Mitch Friedman, Ellie Javadi and other amazing PR professionals. After I obtained my APR in late 2018, I committed to help others discover the career-changing benefits of this wonderful organization.



What are your specialties in your personal and professional life?

Strategic communications, marketing communications and event management.  I am a Zumba purist (if you catch me after work, I would probably be going into, or coming out of, Zumba class), and a succulents enthusiast.  I am a pre-major adviser to Stanford students, and I lead a university-recognized group of Stanford staffers devoted to community and cultural enrichment. I received the Stanford Asian American Staff Award in 2018.



What advice would you give other PR pros?

This is the advice I would give to anyone, not just PR Pros: to always open your mind to new possibilities, both in your career, and in your personal life. If you think you’ve seen it all, and have done it all, you haven’t. There’s so much more out there for anyone to discover. Connect, engage, reconnect, and engage some more.