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Meet the Board Monday: Brooks Wallace

In our latest edition of ‘Meet the Board Mondays,’ a series to help you get to know your 2019 Board of Directors, we bring you PRSA-SF Bay Area Director of Communications, Brooks Wallace. In her day job, she's West Coast Lead at Hollywood Agency.



Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Brooks Wallace, a new board member this year. A Boston native, I moved to SF two years ago to build out our agency’s west coast office and to enjoy a California lifestyle! I should explain that despite our agency's name, we don't rep Hollywood starlets; rather, 'Hollywood' is our founder's last name! Originally I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, so I studied journalism at Northeastern University. However, my path took me into PR, nearly a decade of which has been spent at PR agencies. After focusing on consumer PR for five years, I made the switch to tech PR given my passion for anything at the intersection of technology, innovation and business. My work as west coast lead includes lots of networking coffees, lunches and cocktails, and of course managing my tech accounts. Outside of work, you can find me on a yoga mat, at the park with friends or trying out one of SF's incredible restaurant/bars!



What’s the reason you joined and serve PRSA?

I joined PRSA Boston a few years ago to build a network of likeminded individuals and learn more about the industry I love. With every event I attended, I took away an educational tidbit, whether it was a media relations or social media tip, a new creative idea to try for a client or just a reassurance that the strategies and tactics I deployed for clients were on par with my peers. In 2016 I joined PRSA Boston’s Leadership Team, acting as liaison for PRSSA student chapters, which entailed speaking at Boston-area PRSSA chapters to inspire (and recruit!) our industry’s next generation of PR stars. After serving for two years, I then joined PRSA San Francisco Bay Area’s board of directors as Communications Director this year. Yep, I’m the one behind our bi-monthly newsletter (sign up here!), social media posts (do you follow us on IG yet?) and website. With both chapters, the people I’ve met and am PRoud to call friends is a hallmark, while the educational benefits and growing network are a bonus.



What are your specialties in your personal and professional life?

My specialties at work are media relations, networking/new business, client relations and amping up my teams for success. Outside of work, my specialties are finding the most delightfully zen yoga instructors and studios, nail salons and masseuses. I suppose anything zen is my jam! So far, The Pad and The Center SF are at the top of my list and Veronica at Perfect Fit Personal Training gives the dreamiest massage.



What advice would you give other PR pros?

I’d advise other PR pros to keep sharing knowledge because it benefits us all. Advice to young PR pros and students is to follow your passions as it will drive you to the place you should be. Also, I’d reassure junior practitioners that it does get easier. I remember being up to my eyeballs in work and stress and thinking it would never end, but after a decade in the biz I can reassure you that it does lessen. The work gets easier because you learn to master it and decisions get easier since you’ve had the experience to make good judgement.