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Member Profile: David Landis

Meet David Landis,

President/CEO, Landis Communications
President, Public Relations Global Network


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How did you get started in public relations/communications and what has your journey looked like?

I got started in communications like everyone else – as a music major!  I studied piano in college at Northwestern University in Chicago and decided I wanted to pursue a career in arts administration.  The first job I landed was answering the phones in the public relations department for the Ravinia Festival (where the Chicago Symphony plays during the summer).  I was immediately hooked on PR. 


What do you like the most about your career in public relations/communications?

The variety.  Communications – especially in an agency setting – allows you a glimpse into a myriad of diverse industries.  I've always been a curious person and this career allows me to fulfill my interest in many divergent businesses. 


Tell us about a memorable moment in your career.

We helped launch and build the "" brand early on.  We were their agency of record for three years during the company's formative stages.  During those three years, we came up with a creative twist:  we decided to create a thought leadership persona and named her, "The Vice President of Romance."  This approach opened the floodgates to media interest.  In three years, using only public relations techniques, we were able to grow the business from a $5 million valuation to a $55 million business. 


Why did you join PRSA and how does your membership benefit you?

I think PRSA serves an important service in the PR community – especially for younger career professionals seeking advice.  Personally, I find it a great way to connect with colleagues and know better what talent is available in our PR community.  If you're interested in working at our agency, please let us know by dropping us a line with your qualifications to: