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Tips & Tricks: What To Know For Thursday's Storytelling & Networking Event (9/13)

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at this Thursday’s storytelling and networking event at PianoFight in San Francisco. We’re particularly excited as this event is unique for us – during the typical drinks and mingling, we’ll be taking volunteers to take the stage and share stories. The theme for the stories will be, “a turning point in your career.” Then, we’ll head into PianoFight’s small venue to hear those stories live, on stage!


As PR pros, we’re constantly telling stories, so you already know that a good story needs a clear setting, defined characters, a plot that’s easy to follow, some conflict and a resolution. But, as we’ll be looking to you to tell us your stories on stage on Thursday, we thought we’d provide a refresher on some additional key components of storytelling:


  • Simple: Good stories are easy to understand. While you definitely want to use details to bring scenes and people to life, ensure that the plot doesn’t meander or that the meaning isn’t submerged in excessive detail.
  • Emotional: What are the stakes? The audience needs to understand what’s at stake for you and the other characters in order to be emotionally connected and invested in the outcome. The most memorable stories have humor, pain, joy or all three.
  • Authentic: Your story should be a truthful, first-hand retelling of something you’ve experienced.


Our friends at The Moth also have some useful tips for live storytelling that are worth checking out.


We can’t wait to hear your stories on Thursday!