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Member Profile: Traci Stuart

Meet our members!  We will periodically feature veteran and new PRSA San Francisco members, and tell the story of their public relations career. If you would like to suggest a PRSA San Francisco member for a profile, please send an email to


Traci Stuart

President, Blattel Communications


How did you get started in public relations/communications and what has your journey looked like? 

I studied journalism/PR in college and nabbed my first internship at a consumer PR agency in Orange County thanks to an in-class assignment that involved coming up with a plan for launching that agency. I moved to the Bay Area after four years, worked briefly at another small consumer agency, and then connected with Ellen Blattel, Blattel Communications’ founder, and discovered my passion for working with professional services clients – especially those in law, finance and accounting, and real estate. 

What do you like the most about your career in public relations/communications?

I love:

  1. Having an excuse for continuously consuming media content (because I’d do it anyway)
  2. Learning every single day
  3. Working with smart, fun people

Tell us about a memorable moment in your career.

I recently received the Legal Marketing Association – Bay Area Chapter’s award for career contributions and achievement. It was amazing that my industry friends and colleagues managed to keep it a secret right up to the last couple of days (I’m not easily surprised), and it was both gratifying and humbling to see so many colleagues, former colleagues, clients and friends in one fun-filled evening!

Why did you join PRSA and how does your membership benefit you?

I joined PRS(S)A as a student and have been a member ever since. I appreciate the educational and networking opportunities – particularly now that I head up an agency that only represents professional services clients. It really helps me keep an eye on what’s popping in the consumer world.