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PRSA-SF Mentorship Program

PRSA SF strongly supports creating mentoring relationships, no matter what stage you are in your career. Here are several resources to help you get started.

Bay Area Advertising & Marketing Mentor Program

Powered by AMA-SF, sfBIG and PRSA-SF

In 2023, PRSA-SF joined peer organizations, BAARC (Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee), AMA-SF (American Marketing Association) and sfBIG (San Francisco Bay Area Interactive Group), as a co-sponsor of a mentorship program inclusive of the entire communications, marketing and advertising community in the Bay Area. This program creates learning opportunities for mentees and mentors in the following areas:

  • Career and personal growth
  • Leadership development
  • Group dynamics

Our annual mentorship program opens for applications in February each year and runs from March to July. We offer two options for participation:

  1. Mentor/mentee pairs will work together towards goals that they have developed throughout the program. Group meetings will be held 1x per month, March to July, to work together on various topics of growth and development.
  2. Mentorship program lite enables colleagues to join without being paired with a mentor/mentee. Mentees will be supported with scheduled “Mentor Office Hours,” where they will get help/guidance from a team of mentors. Mentees will attend all monthly group meetings and do the “homework,” as well.

Monthly group meetings include a mix of virtual and in-person sessions and focus on these topics:

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • High 5 Strength Finder
  • Building Your personal Brand
  • Communication Best Practices

If you’re interested in getting involved, see which role would be the best fit for you. We highly recommend this program, whether you're early in your career or a seasoned comms practitioner.

  • MENTOR – You've worked in marketing/advertising for 10+ years and would like to mentor someone new to the industry
  • MENTEE – You’re fairly new to the industry or making a change and would like a mentor to guide and support me
  • PROGRAM VOLUNTEER – You don't want to be a mentor, but want to help out with the program (Fireside Chats, Mentorship on Demand, Program Operations)

Our 2023 mentorship program currently underway. Sign up for our “Golden Gate Insider” newsletter for information about our Class of 2024 and to apply next year.


Mentoring Fireside Chats

Open to all PRSA-SF members

As an extension of our mentorship offering, we are hosting a monthly fireside chat during the course of the annual program (March-July). Each of the program organizers will host a fireside chat. Especially if you are early in your career, this is a great way to explore the spectrum of opportunities that our broader industry offers. 


June 14 – Bay Area Mentorship Program: Fireside Chat on Public Relations

12 p.m. - 1 p.m. | Virtual / Zoom

As an extension of the Bay Area Mentoring Program offering, this month's fireside chat will be sponsored by PRSA-SF and focus on public relations. Especially if you are early in your marketing/communications career, this is a great way to explore the spectrum of opportunities that our broader public relations field encompasses.

In this free, virtual event, we'll speak with PR pros Sandra Stewart and Sarah Grolnic-McClurg, APR, about their unique career journeys. Sandra and Sarah work together at Thinkshift Communications, which specializes in PR and thought leadership programs that get mission-first businesses, cleantech companies and social enterprises the attention they deserve so they can grow and expand their impact.

This session is sure to be a lunch hour well-spent, and you'll leave feeling inspired by this dynamic duo!



PRSA Mentor Connect
Mentor Connect supports opportunity and advancement for new communication professionals, and is complementary for PRSA members.

This program uses the MyPRSA platform to help PRSA and PRSSA members build connections and form mentoring relationships with each other. Mentees will use the mentor directory to find a mentor who is able to guide them towards their professional goals. Anyone can benefit from having a mentor, no matter your career stage, as long as you have the commitment to grow and desire to connect.

Both mentors and mentees will have access to dedicated MyPRSA communities to learn, share resources and knowledge, and provide feedback about their experience.
Mentoring Mondays
Join the PRSA SF Chapter LinkedIn Group and follow us on Instagram for regular inspirational thoughts and quotes to help you embrace the mentoring spirit day to day. 
Contact Us
If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to our Director of Mentoring, Lynnea Olivarez. She can point you in the right direction or potentially help facilitate connections with other PRSA SF members.