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November 8, 2021

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At this year’s 2021 The Foggies Award Ceremony, John McCartney, PRSA-SF Director-at-Large was awarded the chapter’s newly created PRSA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Leadership Award

The Foggies Award Committee created this inaugural award to recognize an individual for exemplary contributions to the Chapter. McCartney was selected for this honor for his efforts in launching The Foggies Awards three years ago, and dedicating countless hours to serving on the PRSA-SF Chapter Board for six years. 

He even remained on the board in 2020 and 2021, despite relocating for greater professional opportunities. McCartney is the founder and agency principal of Jmac PR (@RealJmacPR)

McCartney has worn multiple hats during his time on the board, including 2019 chapter president, and is known for his ambitious, no-nonsense New Yorker attitude and drive, always telling it like it is, getting the job done, and celebrating team wins. 

Many on the board have looked to him for guidance, support and leadership, during their own board service. 

Congratulations John McCartney!

John McCartney with PRSA-SF President Jocelyn Arellano.

Jocelyn Arellano and Katina Tinka Bush, PRSA-SF director of awards celebrate with John McCartney at the 2021 Foggies Award Ceremony. 

John McCartney being presented with his award.

Photo credit: Paul Sakuma