April 2, 2018

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Meet Sasha Kerbel, 

Design Outreach Coordinator, IBM


We periodically feature veteran and new PRSA San Francisco members and tell the story of their public relations career. If you would like to suggest a PRSA San Francisco member for a profile, please send an email to info@prsasf.org.


Why did you join PRSA and what is one of your favorite benefits that the organization provides?

I joined PRSA to get involved in the PR community and get more tips and resources for the job. My favorite benefit so far is just having access to such a large network of professionals.


You're just starting your PR career. Share a few ways you think it has changed and where you see it going.

I've been in PR for just about a year. I haven't seen it change too much in such a short time but I do expect to see a focus towards personalized messaging and organic outreach to get client engagement.  


Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences during your career.

One of my most memorable experiences has so far has been organizing and hosting a speaker panel event out of our design studio at IBM. It was cool to partner with another organization and connect to speakers to make the event happen, and provide an opportunity for professional in my field to meet and network with each other. I felt like I was truly making a contribution to my community.  


What's your best advice to the new generation of PR professionals?

My advice as someone who is new in the field myself is to try to meet as many people as you can when you're early in your career. Be proactive and find industry events to attend, talk to people in your office, and leverage every resource that you can.