November 19, 2019

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In the coming months, we're taking you inside The Foggies, to learn more about the winners – what makes them tick, how their winning entry came about, how much work went into it, and more. First up, please meet Professional of the Year winner, Annie Dreshfield. By day, Annie serves as Head of Communications and Content Marketing for Scoop, the largest enterprise carpooling solution in the United States. Let's dive in. 


Tell us more about you/your team.
As the Head of Communications and Content Strategy at Scoop, the largest enterprise commute solution in the country, I lead all communications programs, including corporate, consumer, and product media and analyst relations, executive communications, internal communications, and content strategy. I'm privileged to work at a mission-driven company that is changing the world twice a day, every single day, ultimately helping commuters be happier and less stressed in their everyday lives.

In my spare time, I serve as President of Symphonix, a young professional philanthropic group that supports the San Francisco Symphony. We host social, networking, and educational events throughout the year and provide financial and volunteer support for the Symphony. Our net proceeds benefit the San Francisco Symphony and its education and community programs, which provide music education to over 75,000 Bay Area children each year.

Tell us about your winning campaign/entry. How did it come about, what were the highlights, how much work went into it, results, etc.
This award is really about the collective team’s work to bring Scoop from a relative unknown post Series B to a major player in the transportation industry in under two years. That includes everything from building relationships with reporters from the ground up, effectively scaling a thought leadership program for key executives in multiple different target verticals, and ultimately raising the brand awareness for our company, our product, and our founders. For all of us, it’s required tenacity, fairly ruthless prioritization, and the ability to be creative and nimble in our day-to-day work.
What does it mean to your team to take home this win? How will you celebrate?
I’ve spent my career learning from the best and the brightest in communications across tech, venture capital, and beyond. It’s an incredible honor to be recognized by a community of our peers, especially knowing the bright, passionate, and dedicated communications professionals who call the Bay Area home.  

I love music, and the PRSA team very thoughtfully gifted me a guitar signed by Santana (!) as part of the award. I’ve been teaching myself piano in my spare time, but something tells me I’ll be switching to guitar shortly…

What should the Bay Area know about you/your team?
We’re a hard working, results-oriented bunch – but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s hard to keep up the intensity of our work without a bit of humor and levity along the way.