the golden gate bridge

June 3, 2020

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We are deeply saddened and frustrated by the senseless murder of George Floyd and those who have lost their lives to police brutality and systemic racism. The PRSA-SF Chapter stands in solidarity with our black colleagues and friends during this painful time. Diversity and inclusion has long been a key tenet of our chapter and will continue to be long after this current cycle of media attention fades. As communicators, and humans, we have an ethical responsibility to use our voice and stand for truth and justice. We embrace the responsibility and are committed to amplify our voices and continue to support the black community. 


For those looking for ways to take action, you can find resources below.




Sign the petition to send a message to County Attorney Michael Freeman who has the power to arrest and charge the police officers responsible for the murder of George Floyd.


Educate yourself and read the anti-racism resources. 


Join the Black Lives Matter Movement and sign up for their newsletter, sign the petition and/or donate. 


Join Campaign Zero’s mission to end police violence in America. Track local relevant legislation impacting your community, find local representatives and hold them accountable for taking meaningful action to end police violence.


Sign the NAACP Legal Defense Fund petition to demand that all protesters be protected. The petition notes any law enforcement engagement with protesters should be focused on ensuring the safety and guarding their constitutional rights of the protestors. 


Broaden your worldview and binge watch essential films from black filmmakers that confront systemic racism in America. 


Vote for anti-racist leaders and policies at every level of government. 



Jocelyn Arellano

Diversity & Inclusion Director