February 12, 2019

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'Why are you busy with PRSA all the time?' a friend might ask. ('What's PRSA?' my mom might say, wondering what exactly it is I do for a living.)

I'll tell you why I'm so involved with PRSA: because the people I meet, the skills I gain, and the community we form takes all of us to the next level. And I'm writing today to share some (amazing) webinars coming up that are free to PRSA members. 

Pro tip: want to use these events to really set yourself apart? Share what you learn! Write an article on LinkedIn sharing key takeaways (just make sure you credit the presenter, of course), write a short newsletter recap and share around your office, or host a lunch-and-learn for colleagues teaching your new skills. Trust me, your boss will be impressed (and if they aren't, maybe you'll meet your new employer at an upcoming PRSA event).

Without further ado, here are some of the upcoming programs (free for PRSA members):

  • February 13: Win Over Journalists and Influencers in the Changing Media Landscape. Presented by Michael Smart
  • February 21: How Curiosity and Attention Drive PR Outcomes
  • February 26: Survival Planning: Busting Silos, Breaking Bad Habits and Embracing Your Heresy in Order to Return to Growth
  • March 19: Ten Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier
  • March 21: Strategy, Statistics, and Soul: How to Use Communications to Create Business Value and Impact Forever
  • March 28: Ten Advanced Speaking Tips to Supercharge Your Next Presentation

Register by logging into MyPRSA. Not yet a member of PRSA? Join us here

P.S. - Love this kind of stuff? Think about joining the Professional Development Committee with the PRSA-SF Bay Area Chapter!


Danielle Calhoun
2019 PRSA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Professional Development Director 


Danielle Calhoun is a Director, Platform Strategy, for Weber Shandwick in San Francisco. She leads the Professional Development Committee for the PRSA-SF Bay Area Chapter, and has a passion for the intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion and helping young professionals break into our industry. Danielle hails from Kansas City, has a weakness for barbeque, and blogs at www.chicklitandwine.com.