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Lisa Finnin Ciccoli
Local arketing Specialist
IKEA US West, Inc.


Please tell us what you enjoy most about being a member of PRSA-SF.
I enjoy all the wonderful resources from classes to networking with my PR peers.

You have been in PR for several years.  Please tell us about the company you work for and how long you’ve been in the PR field?
I work for IKEA, a global home furnishings retailer. I’ve been with IKEA for 18 years, 10 in marketing and PR.

Please share a few ways the industry has changed over the years and where you see it going.
In my 10 years in PR things have changed considerably. I had great contacts with traditional media outlets when I first started in my position but over the years they’ve left and not been replaced. Gone are the days when a traditional press release will suffice. I see PR going in an exciting direction with more options available to PR professionals but with that comes the challenge of breaking through the sheer volume of communication. I see success in the future hinging on being open to change and being service minded. Really understand your consumer’s needs, dreams and desires. Finally don’t be afraid to take a risk. Build relationships with non-traditional media outlets and take a chance on a new and upcoming influencer.

Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences as a PR professional.
I have been part of some amazing initiatives in my 10 years at IKEA but I have to say my favorite was when I met Crown Princess Victoria from Sweden.

What’s your best advice to the new generation of PR professionals?
Never stop learning.